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PVC INTERIOR DECORATIONS We designed the simple and budjetary TV showcase cupboard, inbuild with glass sliding rack to place the DVD, Set up box , we can easily accessible through the remote control. Moreover the below cupboard is used to place the books and other materials. Visit
Modular Kitchen & Equipment: Modular Kitchen is fast becoming an integral part of a home. The growing preference to have modular kitchen, in the place of conventional kitchen, is due to the fact that Modular kitchen offers convenience, aesthetics and optimum space utilization. It helps the housewife in tackling the cooking chores with less work. The space management is derived through use of horizontal and vertical space. Good storage practice prevents ants, insects and cockroaches from getting into food articles.
SREE TECH INTERIOR Sree tech interior fabricates and designes the living room cupboards and interior , among them mandir place is playing vital role, we made a special designs in pooja cupboards for your divine prayer.
In a Small tiny place we had constructed the modular kitchen bottom and a small kitchen wall unit with designed glass doors helps to accommodate our kitchen items in day to day life. Visit
In vast kitchen areas we are constructing the parallel kitchen ensures to accommodate more kitchen things. We don't want to show our kitchen utensils in the open places, it improves the neatness and also the very good look to our kitchen. Viait
Winter season offer exciting prizes awaiting for you! Now place your order for pvc cupboards and grab the prizes. C & A
SREE TECH INTERIOR We fabricate and design the pvc kitchen cabinets as per the kitchen area and dimensions. Say example , it comes in staight row, L - shaped, and opposite rows in kitchen above the granites background wall, It designed in such a way that it was not affected by the heat of the stove. In some model, the doors was designed with etching glasses , to look over the products placed into the cabinets in the pvc modular kitchens.
PVC LOFT COVERING Pvc loft cover plays a important role in bedrooms and kitchens, we can place more and more things while in use or either not in use. Pvc loft cover ensures and protects the moisutre entering into the loft while using air conditions. Pvc loft cover protect our loft things from dust . It was very easy to clean periodically. While protecting the moistire entering into the loft, it also saves energy from air conditions.
In pvc modular kitchens the kitchen bottom was completly covered by doors, there is a air ventilation loovers was placed into the cylinder doors to ensure a good air ventilation for the safety .