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In vast kitchen areas we are constructing the parallel kitchen ensures to accommodate more kitchen things. We don't want to show our kitchen utensils in the open places, it improves the neatness and also the very good look to our kitchen. Viait
SREE TECH INTERIOR, CHENNAI. Space utility is the main criteria in our kitchens, in above image is the kitchen cabinet, so you can accommodate all your provisions, bottles small to big, everything else in that, so you can keep your kitchen granite top as clean as possible.visit
SREE TECH INTERIOR AT CHENNAI. Please see the above image of pvc kitchen cabinet, you can keep your things on that two shelves, and also the centre plate is removable in some models, so you can accommodate all your bottles and other containers in that kitchen cabinet as per your bottles heights.visit
In a Small tiny place we had constructed the modular kitchen bottom and a small kitchen wall unit with designed glass doors helps to accommodate our kitchen items in day to day life. Visit
We fabricate the kitchen pantry cabinets to accommodate all necessary kitchen items . Visit